I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Hong Kong Baptist University. My research interests include Race and Ethnicity, Identity, Migration, Social Media, Social Networks, and Contentious Politics. My Ph.D. dissertation investigates identity politics overseas, social interactions between Chinese migrants and non-Asian Australians, contested Chinese culture across borders, and the integration experiences of both long-term and temporary Chinese migrants in Australia. In a secondary line of the research, currently I am undertaking a three-year project (funded by Hong Kong research grants council), titled: Examining the Everyday Interaction and Boundary Making/Unmaking between Mainland Skilled Professionals and Locals in Hong Kong; and another two-year funded project, titled: Shaping Discrimination? Tracking Print Media and Social Media Portrayal of Mainlanders in Hong Kong since 1997. I am also conducting research on contentious politics in Hong Kong (through various perspectives such as urban sociology, cultural politics and contentious repertoires, and data activism) and other timely research related to the COVID-19 pandemic (by adopting big data analytics to examine social media discourse).

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